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While all the old rules of PR still apply, there are new rules and new technologies that have to be mastered. Few schools are teaching comprehensive Digital PR courses, yet this is the number one skill companies and PR agencies are looking for today. Find out more about our Membership options and Digital PR online courses.

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The Digital PR Academy offers free webinars each month. Take advantage of these introductory sessions to improve your understanding of social media and how to incorporate the new platforms and activities into your Digital PR strategy.  Register for our webinars.


The Digital PR Academy Resource Library has case studies, links to research and white papers to help you better understand the new digital landscape and the skills that are expected of a PR practitioner today. Become a Library member (it’s free) and get access to all our Digital PR resources.  Sign up  and get access now.


PRoactive Report is a resource for tens of thousands of PR students and practitioners. Sally Falkow ( APR) writes about the shifts in the media landscape, social media strategy and online PR. She covers how technology is changing patterns of communication and behavior online and how that affects the practice of PR.  Read the blog.