Social Media and digital technology have made online PR an integral part of a PR practitioners’ job.   Mastering these new skills requires training, preferably from someone who has a PR background and understands not just the technology, but also how to use it for PR purposes. All the courses at the Digital PR Academy were developed by Sally Falkow (APR), a veteran of the PR industry and a pioneer in Digital PR and social media. Sally teaches the courses personally and shares her extensive knowledge, insights and examples with you online.

New Media Releases:

Are press releases still a viable part of PR in the digital age?

A recent survey of journalists shows that the answer is a resounding yes.  In fact, press releases rank as the number choice for a journlaist to get corporate news.  However, journalists expect modern press releases to be presented in a new media format with multimedia assets to enhance the story and social media tools to make it easy for them to use the content.

In this course you learn how to format news items so you meet the needs of

  • journalists
  • bloggers
  • search engines
  • your public

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Planning and Implementing a Digital PR Strategy

Digital PR and social media are so new, and there have been few resources for learning the ropes, so many companies started their onine cmapigns with an experimental approach.  Social media has matured, it’s become an essential part of the marketing mix and, just as you do with  with any other marketing and PR activity, it should be planned strategically.

In this course you learn how to use a 10-step Digital PR strategy that takes you from mapping your social graph to measuring results:

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Facebook for PR

Facebook is indeed a phenomenon of our time. It ranks as either the number one or number two website in every country in the world bar China.

There are many uses for Facebook, both personal and business-related.  As a PR student or practitioner you need to know how you can integrate Facebook into your online PR activity.  This course covers the specific elements of Facebook that enhance a PR program and how to use others that would not traditionally be considered PR to further your PR goals.

It also gives you all you need to know to make the most of the recent Timeline changes.

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